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Since I took down the history of the website I can’t link to last year’s New Year’s post, but here are my resolutions:

“2007 is going to be the best year ever because I said so. If you do not think 2007 is going to shape up too well….then please don’t talk to me because I am only interested in having the best year ever.

I have made no resolutions this year other than that my life will be the best. I will get a new job this year, and buy a house. That means I will have to buy furniture…..but that’s OK, because the furniture will also be the best ever.”

So how did I do?  Well, predictably it wasn’t the best year ever.  That was 1995 when I went to Groningen.  BUT…the only two concrete goals I made:  1) get a new job, and 2) buy a house.  I sort of met those, just a few weeks late.

I didn’t meet them in 2007.  I close on my house on Jan 14th 2008, and the transition date for the new job that I was wanting is…let me check my email…wow:  It is also Jan 14th 2008.  I am two weeks late on both goals, but came pretty close.  Also, that is quite a coincidence.

So what are my resolutions for 2008?  People don’t keep them anyway.  Mine were a little different though since I could actually go back and read what I said. 

I can’t think of anything.  Since I just met my goals for 2007 I haven’t had time to set my sites on anything else.  I guess I could say, “Do well at my new job, and enjoy living in my own place” but in all honesty those are unmeasurable goals.  “Get a new job and buy a house”…that is concrete.

I could also make smaller goals like “write/record my own song” or “get the deck replaced on my house” or “go through the mixed doubles season without getting my serve broken”…but those aren’t really New Year type of goals.

I’m going to have to think about it, and maybe make my resolutions a few weeks late this year…after all, I was two weeks late meeting last year’s.

Anyone wishing to record their resolutions for review next year at this time, please make a comment so I can check back with you to see how you did.


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