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Onion rings from Ted’s Montana Grille: Seriously…they’re great. The best I’ve had since I was a kid at some hamburger joint in Myrtle Beach I can’t remember the name of.

Pandora Radio: I don’t have a TV. I do listen some to radio (only on the internet), but mostly classical, because no stations really suit me. Well…I made my own station. You get to choose a few songs you like, and then it creates a station around your preferences. If you like a song, you can give it a thumbs up, or add artists if you find others you really like. Create as many stations as you want for different moods. Here is my first one.

Fuller’s 1845: A well balanced, smooth bottle conditioned ale. It isn’t the same as drinking it from a tap…but its pretty good. Malty, but without being too sweet, a very slight bite in the aftertaste. A great beer drinker’s beer.

Ate dinner with an old friend: Can’t beat that. Jeffrey is doing pretty well from what I can gather. I like his wife, and they both have new jobs. He got his car stolen last weekend, and insurance (since he had liability only) won’t cover it…but the car wasn’t that great anyway. It’s life. What can you do?

Went for a short jog: I suppose there is nothing that special there…but in light of the fact that I’ve been nursing a sprained ankle for the last 3 weeks, I guess its progress to be able to run a little.

….now I just need to win the lottery.

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