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I went to my 5 year MBA school reunion this weekend in Columbia. I hadn’t seen many of them since graduating, although I knew more or less what folks were doing.

Graduate school isn’t like high school or even college. People don’t get fat. People don’t look significantly older. People don’t change much/any. They are doing largely what they said they wanted to do when we graduated.

No one was really a surprise. I guess we were all adults when we started….we were the weight we were going to be….our personalities were already largely developed…we already knew what we wanted. Some people had recently had kids….still, they were the same.

They were not any less fun than I remembered. They still drank and laughed and hadn’t become too serious. They were responsible, yet relaxed. Those who had significant others with them had picked someone who allowed them to act just as they had when they were single. No one had toned it down to please the opposite sex.

One person was a little off, but she was off even when we went to school…nothing really different.

What I really learned is that I can’t drink like I used to. I can still put them away w/o getting drunk…but I am worthless the next day. I don’t get hangovers much, and that is still true. I just get tired, and useless.

I did it up on Friday, as the business school picked up the entire group ‘s (20+ alumni) bar tab. We drank for about 6 hours. I can’t imagine how much it was. On the flip side I can imagine how much money we gave the school for the degree.  I should’ve drunk more.
I started drinking again on Saturday in the morning for the football game (like you’re supposed to)….and I ended up falling asleep in a fold-up chair watching TV. After a quick nap I was up again, and drinking….but I got tired again, and thankfully the game was over and I had to go back to the hotel to change for dinner. I took a nap (again) and was about an hour late. Everyone else was too (maybe they’re all having the same problem I am?)….so I ate a yummy dinner and had a good time talking to Victor and Maria.

Then we went to some bar next door. My steak and cheesecake were sitting heavy on my stomach, and I decided I couldn’t hack it….back to the hotel and I was asleep before my head hit the pillow. That’s pathetic.

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