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The price of a mom: $138,095.

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Voodoo penis theft hits the Congo.  And we think war and inflation are bad?

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No cat would ever do this.

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iphone picSince I am a second guesser by nature, I don’t love many products. I bought a big 50′ plasma TV and noticed the clunky remote and lack of deep black color differentiation immediately. Actually the TV is incredible in HD, but it certainly did not change my TV viewing experience…it just really improved it.

The iPhone on the other hand is a behavior altering product. It is not just a better cell phone. It has changed the way I use my “hand-held communications device”…or whatever you want to call it.

I still make phone calls, and it does that well…giving you great Contact capabilities and visual voicemail on top of a beautiful touchscreen interface (which is awesome by the way). That’s all just cell phone stuff.

But when you add in Internet access, a crisp 3.5 inch screen, an iPod, and the ability to type on a pretty darn functional full QWERTY keyboard, and its really more like a hand-held computer than a cell phone.

I use the iPod feature like a regular iPod. It works better than my old one, and I don’t have to carry around two devices (phone and iPod).

I also use the Internet access to check and send email, and as a result spend less time on my home computer.  You see its competing with my computer, something a cell phone couldn’t do before.

There is the web browser. I use the Maps function to get directions…while I’m out, not using Google maps and printing it out beforehand. The screen is big enough to actually see as if you were on a regular computer….it isn’t just text. We’re sitting around after tennis and wonder what movies are playing. I can check right from my phone in like 5 seconds. I’m using it this month to track my expenses. Every time I make a purchase, I go to and enter the amount. I don’t bring books with me to read while I’m eating anymore. I surf the web and read or whatever. And yes…the screen is that good, especially if you use the easy multi-touch zoom feature. (in the interest of full disclosure though, I do have good eye sight; if you don’t, you wouldn’t be able to use it like that.)

I use the calendar (all phones HAVE a calendar, but do you use it?). The keyboard works well enough, and then I always know what my schedule is if someone asks can I do something on X weekend. I don’t have to say, “Let me check my calendar and I’ll get back to you.”

I take pictures with the 2 megapixel camera, and they turn out pretty well. I can immediately send them to someone else by email.

So here is my iPhone wish list: a) longer batter life…I use the damn thing so much it only lasts a day or two. b) better camera…its already replaced my iPod. With a 4 or 5 megapixel camera it could replace a camera too. c) faster internet access: I use it so much the slow data speeds are really noticeable.  d) I’d like it have GPS while I’m wishing. e) I’d like to use the Bluetooth capabilities to function as a TV remote as well.

Anyway…that’s enough iPhone love for today.

FYI: I’m actually making this post FROM the iPhone.

Comments 3 Comments » is a good domain. Its easy to remember, and it suits me. I also tried to buy (accounting software company) and (oddly enough a travel portal) a long time time ago, but they are already taken.

The other day I ran across the .tt suffix. It is for Trinidad and Tobago. I figured even better than is simply:

Also, its not taken. Awesome!! How much can a domain cost? Chasingeden costs me like 5 bucks a year…I’m willing to pay more for my email address to be

Alas, Trinidad and Tobago does not use the same low cost/customer friendly model as (where I bought chasingeden). It appears the country administers it themselves: Very high-tech!!!

How much is the domain? Well…from what I can make out, it is $1000 for the first two years, and $1000 more every five years after that. The cost includes “maintenance” at no extra cost. Maintenance? There is no maintenance; that’s why it only costs $5 a year for a domain at Godaddy.

Seriously? Hopefully the government is using the excess for education or something; although apparently not for education in IT or economics.

No wonder is still available.


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