is a good domain. Its easy to remember, and it suits me. I also tried to buy (accounting software company) and (oddly enough a travel portal) a long time time ago, but they are already taken.

The other day I ran across the .tt suffix. It is for Trinidad and Tobago. I figured even better than is simply:

Also, its not taken. Awesome!! How much can a domain cost? Chasingeden costs me like 5 bucks a year…I’m willing to pay more for my email address to be

Alas, Trinidad and Tobago does not use the same low cost/customer friendly model as (where I bought chasingeden). It appears the country administers it themselves: Very high-tech!!!

How much is the domain? Well…from what I can make out, it is $1000 for the first two years, and $1000 more every five years after that. The cost includes “maintenance” at no extra cost. Maintenance? There is no maintenance; that’s why it only costs $5 a year for a domain at Godaddy.

Seriously? Hopefully the government is using the excess for education or something; although apparently not for education in IT or economics.

No wonder is still available.

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    they can go to he.ll

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