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I will post again on March 1.

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2007 is going to be the best year ever because I said so. If you do not think 2007 is going to shape up too well….then please don’t talk to me because I am only interested in having the best year ever.

I have made no resolutions this year other than that my life will be the best. I will get a new job this year, and buy a house. That means I will have to buy furniture…..but that’s OK, because the furniture will also be the best ever.

I had an awful hangover yesterday and went to see the new Rocky movie. It was not the best ever. It was pathetic; but it was still Rocky and he is awesome…even if he is now 164 years old.

I noticed that Rocky is alot like Forrest Gump…in that they are both dumb, but do really smart things. I think there is a lot to learn from the two of them. Such as hard work really pays off, and if you don’t believe in yourself, then you’ve got nothing.

There is also the age old lesson of know thyself. Rocky and Forrest Gump are well aware of their limitations and live within them at the same time stretching on the things they are good at.

Rocky and Forrest are also both generally nice to people. Its always the smart people who think they know enough to judge what is right and wrong…dumb people (at least the ones who are dumb but act smart like Forrest and Rocky) realize they don’t know enough and so tend to get confused or blame themselves when things go wrong. (Then there are the dumb people who think they are smart. I have no idea what to do about them.)

I am reminded of this book by A. E. Van Vogt I read in high school when I was really into science fiction. “The World of A” is about a race of super-humans who live in a world without government. Because they are so logical and intuitive they are always able to make the right decisions immediately without the heuristics we live by. So they always know what to do even though there are no rules. I really learned a lot reading all those sci-fi books….although it didn’t get me any women…I have to admit.

I think I might get a TV in 2007 too. I played trivia the other night and was totally clueless on a lot of the questions. TV plays a really big role in most people’s lives. If I want to participate in life…it appears I need a TV.

Happy New Year everybody!!

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