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I have been quite busy, that is true….but aren’t we always? You make time for what is important. If I had wanted to make time for writing, I would have.

I have been putting off writing about my trip, because it is hard to do. It takes a good large chunk of time, and then you have to remember…….and remember everything, little details, to re-live that moment. That is hard to do.

It is much easier to do other stuff. I live in another house now. That is probably the thing that is taking up the time that before I might have spent writing: just having another person around…that and the fact that there is a Playstation 2 always calling my name.

On Tiger Woods 2004 I shot a round last weekend of under par every hole….eighteen birdies in a row. I putted 18 times….never missed a put. I shot a 53. My best round scoring is 51, but I think 18 puts in 18 holes is amazing.

On another note, my back has been killing me lately. I had to sit out of my tennis match on Saturday and cancelled this weekend too. I was limping down the hall at work yesterday dragging my feet in short steps and noticed it is exactly how my grandfather walks. I hope his back doesn’t hurt as bad as mine does now all the time. That would suck.

Oh well….I think I’ll go waste an hour and then head off to bed.

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