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I’ll write a New Years Resolutions post later, but now I want to mention that New Years is the most overrated holiday.  I pay too much money to get an all-inclusive deal at some swanky restaurant for a 5 course meal I don’t really want to eat so that I can get  “free” champagne toast at mid-night.  Drinks are rarely included in the “all-inclusive” price, which is a good thing since I do not need extra incentive to get trashed.  I tend to do that anyway.  Then there is the whole “What are you doing for New Years?”conversation.  Everyone calls everyone in an endless circle trying to figure out which venue we want to waste our last bit of money on in 2008.  The coordination required is almost worse than planning a vacation.  Reservations are a nightmare because no one will commit.  I told Jeanette I would prefer to stay home and watch Dick Clark/Ryan Seacrest on TV.  At least then I could get drunk w/o having to drive anywhere….which makes the final point about New Years:  No holiday is more focused on drinking and going out than New Years.  There will be cops out and they will stop you/me.  I guess the only thing worse than wasting your money getting wasted on New Years is to be the designated driver.  It will be fun trying to find a taxi at 12:30 though if you don’t have a DD.  I bet no one else will need a taxi.  They’ll be plentiful.

Happy New Year!!

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I usually don’t remember much before High School.  I have a notoriously bad memory for stuff unless something specific triggers it….such as music.

I remember getting a tape copy of The Great Radio Controversy, maybe from Eric Venable, maybe Jeff McKinley, maybe Christopher Brotherton, maybe from Scott Langnecker…don’t remember, but until that point I had really just listened to the radio…which meant I didn’t get any hard-rockin’ music.  Back then to listen to something different was a big deal.  Ozzy Ozbourne was the devil.  Kiss was evil.  AC/DC stood for Anti-Christ/Devil-Child.

Anyway, I listened to that tape (I loved tapes) over and over, and it was great.  Jeff Keith had this great, raspy, screech and the songs…well….rocked.  The Great Radio Controversy was and still is a terrific album.

I made Marty and Marc listen to it one day in the car (Marc was the only one that could drive I think), and they were like “What is this crap?”.  Tesla taught me it is ok to be different.  Well….not really, but I do remember thinking “Why don’t they like this as much as I do?”

Anyway, I don’t get to remember childhood that much, but Jeff Keith’s classic rock rasp takes me back:

“Hey! yeah, yeah. Uh huh.

Bustin’ ass all day
Just to put food on the table.
And I always will for as long as I am able.
Done all I could,
Ev’rything that a man should do.
Still they refuse to call me,
Call me what I am. Hey!

Do you know what it takes to be a man?
Don’t take a whole lots of money,
Diamond rings upon your hand, no.
That ain’t what it takes to be a man.
Do right by the ones you love,
Always give a helpin’ hand. Yes, I do.

Now I’ve been through it all
Seen the good, the bad, the ugly.
Always take care of my share of responsibilities.
Now, just because I grow my hair
And play in a rockin’ band,
Old folks are always telling me,
“Boy, why don’t you grow up
And be a man.” Hey!

I know what it takes to be a man.
It ain’t the way you look
Or the clothes that you wear.
That ain’t what it takes to be a man.
Do right by the ones you love,
Always lend a helpin’ hand.”

Thanks Jeff.

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Due to a change in vacation policy at work, I’ve had to take a large amount of vacation here at the end of the year.  I planned alot of projects around the house and I’m taking a short trip for my Mom’s bday, and will have Xmas stuff as well…so in the end, even though I have about two weeks off….it isn’t much “vacation” really.

I guess that’s how it works when you get older:  Vacation is just a time when you catch up on other things, or you take a really expensive trip somewhere and actually look forward to going back to work afterwards because those vacations are sometimes more stressful than your normal routine.

I think I’ll go grab a cup of coffee and go to Home Depot.

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are an inevitable aspect of novel market situations.

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Damn….that is funny.  I know she’s an actress, but it almost seems like she means it.

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