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We’ll see just how smart the neo-cons are come election day.

History/Macro trends are on the side of the Democrats in this election.  The polls have them in the lead.  The Republicans just completely f%*ked up the last 8 years.  The Democrats would be hard pressed to lose this election, and the Republican party leadership knows that.

I am beginning to think the McCain/Palin ticket was never meant to be put to a vote.  She’s obviously in over her head.  She is not qualified to be vice president.  She governed a small town in Alaska and then has been state governor for a bit (without significant distinguishing successes).

That’s like me playing flag football on Saturdays poorly, and someone suddenly asking me to be starting quarterback for the Cowboys.  It just doesn’t make sense.  Add on top of that McCain’s age….statistically he stands a good chance of dying in office.  Then Palin is president.  Surely the Republicans can’t be serious?

I think they’re going to bring out a dark horse vice presidential candidate at the last second.  Palin will have to step away from the nomination for some reason, and they’ll put forward someone else.

The Republicans got a bounce in the polls when they nominated Palin (which is natural; its new, exciting, etc.)…and then when she was vetted the poll numbers dropped (since she is woefully unqualified).  If the neo-cons could put forward someone else, and not give voters time to vet him/her, the bounce might be enough to help McCain get elected.

How would that work logistically, you ask?  How would McCain have any credibility if he selected Palin, then unselected her?  Surely that wouldn’t work?  Well, I can think of one way:  McCain is billing himself (rightly or wrongly) as a maverick.  He is the anti-Republican Republican in a political/economic environment where being Republican isn’t that popular.

As a maverick he can say he was pressured to select Palin, and now he’s breaking free of that pressure to give America what it needs in this time of crisis.  And who will his new VP pick be?  I think the correct play would be a conservative Democrat (perhaps Joe Lieberman).  Democrats and Republicans together on the same ticket; the reform and bi-partisanship America needs.  Its not a bad idea.

Think a play like that is too bold/rash?  Perhaps, but the Republicans are very likely going to lose this election and they know it.  They’ve got little to lose by doing something different.  If Americans want to elect a Democrat…give them one…on the Republican ticket.

If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.

Just a thought.  If I can think of doing it…so can they.

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I had a consulting gig for work recently and got to see some pretty amazing sports memorabilia at a certain large sports apparel company’s headquarters.  This covered the entire wall.

The presence of greatness

Bottom line:  I loved Jordan.  He made basketball look good.  He achieved a greatness we all aspire to yet never reach…it transcended sport even.  He was just fucking good….period.

That is the look of greatness

See that look on his face.  It says, “Go home.  I’ve already won.”

I think about that as I watched the Vice Presidential debates tonight.  Politicians just pander back and forth; you never really know if what they are saying is true.  They leave and go do whatever they were going to do in the first place, probably something that’s going to screw us and has exactly the opposite effect they claim it will have.

But Jordan….no need to talk.  No pandering.  The score speaks for itself.  RESULTS.  You can believe in that.  You know its real.  He just hit that shot over Craig Ehlo.  That…just…happened.

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