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I know I haven’t written much lately…just don’t have that much to say lately.  I have a house, a job, and a girlfriend.  I have bills and keep busy with tennis.  Its a good routine, but its a routine.  Its not that I don’t have thoughts…its just that I ignore them and don’t take the time to sit down and write like I used to, just busier.

I just got back from a week of vacation at the beach.  That was good.   I haven’t been on a real vacation like that in years and years and years.  It was a normal beach week where you eat food, take naps, lay out at the pool or the beach, play cards and drink in the evening….basically hang out and do a lot of nothing.

I noticed just about at the end of the week that I was very relaxed.  I hadn’t been relaxed like that in years so it was an odd feeling.  It pointed out that I am generally stressed, since to be relaxed you must’ve been more tightly strung to begin with.

I certainly don’t feel stressed on a daily basis, because I’m accustomed to it.  If you are always slightly stressed, then you don’t recognize it.  It feels normal….or better said it IS normal.  Being relaxed then is abnormal.

Why can’t relaxed be the norm?  Well, I suppose it could, but no one ever promised us a stress free life.  In fact, I think the mere act of having to survive the day means that it is possible not to survive it….which is stressful.  Life is, by definition, somewhat stressful.

That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t enjoy a few weeks more vacation though.

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This really is one of the most troubling things I’ve read in years.  It is so bizarre you think you’re reading Catch 22 or some Kafka novel.  It reminds you of the surreal, draconian stories of the police state of authoritarian regimes….but its in our own country.

It is frightening really.  You know it goes on I suppose, but to hear the story like that, with all its absurdity, reminds me that the difference between “us” and the “them” we are supposedly against….is very, very thin.

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Must be diluted with…water.

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