I have not done much to speak of lately.  Most days are the same, just a little bit different.

My new job hasn’t been all that busy (although that will change soon enough).  Work can actually be better when you’re busy and a little boring when you aren’t.  I’ve learned some, but thus far its been slow, and to learn you have to have opportunities.  Most of the consultants are actually on site working most of the week, so the office in Atlanta is nearly empty,  some days its completely empty.  I’ve taken to working from home at times.  Why go in when no one is there?  I can do the same things from home and not have to drive.

I still haven’t played any sports; haven’t really gotten any exercise in over 4 months.  Oddly enough I haven’t gained or lost any weight, although I am very stiff all the time.   Physical therapy has gone well on my ankle; my wrist hasn’t made much progress.  Although I have been hurt many, many times, this is the first time I’ve been faced with a potentially “career” ending injury.  Its odd to think I may just not ever be able to play sports again and will end up with arthritis.  You can’t beat father time though.  Also, things do tend to heal if you give them long enough….but sometimes they don’t.

The house is the house.  I mentioned on the phone the other day that “house” has become a verb rather than a noun since it is something that always needs work.  Also, I completely suck at home repair and maintenance.  It is simply not as easy as nailing a few boards together and slapping on a coat of paint.  There are a trillion kinds of paint, and different spackles, and different primers, and its all so confusing.  Is anything just labeled “Paint” anymore?

I got an iPhone.  My 4 year old Nokia broke, and I had to rush to the Cingular store and buy a replacement immediately.  I don’t have a home phone; I learned its a scary proposition to simply disconnect and have no way for anyone to call you.  Its like you temporarily cease to exist (not that that many people call me, but its the thought).  The battery on my iPod had also gotten so it wouldn’t hold a charge for over an hour or so……..so I just pooled the cost of a new phone with the cost of a new iPod, and bought the iPhone.

What do I think of it?  Its the best device I’ve ever bought…seriously.  Its awesome.  I have several complaints (the same ones that are all over the Internet:  recessed headphone jack, slow Internet, short battery life, no third part apps), but all in all….its simply amazing.  The reason the battery doesn’t last long is because you use it all the time.  It isn’t just a phone.  You really can surf the internet, use it as an iPod, etc.  The touch screen interface is one of those “I can’t imagine how I ever lived without it” kind of experiences.  I’ve used it to look up phone numbers, get driving directions, check my email, pass time reading stuff, goof off on Youtube.  Its great when you’re bored.   Oh yeah, you can also make phone calls on it.

I’ve heard from alot of my friends lately, girls and guys.  It seems there are only a few things that are really noteworthy to talk about in a person’s life…and it usually involves the opposite sex.  Two of my friends are divorced, one probably should be, another engages in a string of short, intense flings, and then goes to another country.  I have a few friends with normalish relationships; however, most of those are new friends.  All my long term friends (including myself I suppose) seem unable to make it work.  What does that say about me?

I’ve talked to a fair number of girls lately too.  I have single moms, serial daters, too hard to handles, a little lonelies….everyone in their late twenties to mid thirties has some kind of biological clock ticking…males included though not quite as bad as the women.  We were born to want the opposite sex so there is no harm in it; however, those that “have” the opposite sex mostly seem little happier.  Its a wash as far as I can tell except for those who happen to get lucky.  I don’t like making bets on things where I’m not relatively sure of the outcome.

For some reason right now I’m thinking about sleep, and how much of it I used to get…9 or 10 or more hours.  I feel tired a lot lately.  Maybe its the lack of exercise.  Part of me thinks I’m not sleeping well….even though I’m in bed 9 hours or so.  Maybe I’ll go see a sleep specialist?  That’s funny.  I’ve been to the doctor a good number of times in the past year or so.  I think I can safely say I’ve been more in the past year than I went ALL of my twenties.

For what its worth, that’s what I’m up to.  I think I’ll go to sleep now.  I have to jump on a call with India at 8 in the morning.

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