Last night was very strange too. Sort of abrupt and then all of the sudden I was asleep and late for a meeting today. I walked in the conference room 15 minutes late and never said anything. I just looked at everyone and nodded my head. I’m not sure what they thought.

I did alot of actual work today trying to wrap stuff up to leave for India. They had a going away luncheon for me. I was all giddy and said whatever came into my head. People said some nice things about me.

I coach this one guy on my team and he never says anything. I can’t tell whether he likes his job or if he will quit tomorrow. He is very quiet and from some Asian descent. I can’t read them as well.

He leaned his head over my cube about an hour after lunch and says, “I just wanted to say that you’ve been a really cool coach. Its been a lot of fun working with you and you’ve taught me a lot. Thank you and I will miss you.”

I’m guessing I had a look of mild surprise on my face, but I just said, “Thank you, I appreciate that,” and then a bunch of other stuff about how I will still be available by email if he needs anything. It sort of threw me off guard coming from him. I admit.

On the subject of how you affect people and never realize it, I got an email from one of my favorite business school professors today. He said he’d stumbled across my website doing research for something. That sort of scared me as I say stuff that really isn’t meant for public consumption. In fact my last few posts have said some pretty rude (but funny and largely true) things about women.

He was very positive though and told me that if I ever needed any help with anything that he’d gladly give me a good recommendation. Hopefully, he did not bookmark my website, otherwise he may eventually withdraw his goodwill.

Then I was at the store after work and looked at my watch and it said 7/25, and I thought that I was supposed to leave on the 26th. I went home and looked through the stack of papers I’vw printed out for work about India and didn’t have not one printout of my flight itinerary.

So I got all busy and frantic about myself, wondering where my head is, went back to work and had to call around to a bunch of places that were already closed until I re-found out that tomorrow (actually today now) is my flight.

So I started laughing at myself in an empty office building and called a couple of people to tell them how ridiculous I was for not even knowing when I am going away for the rest of the year.

I didn’t laugh for too long because I did about 3 and a half more hours of work that I thought I had one more day to do…….then I had to go back home and pack. I hadn’t packed not one thing and I was leaving in less than 24 hours for 5 months to go to the other side of the planet.

Then I started laughing at myself again and almost made some more phone calls. I called Peter instead since he’d just sent me a bunch of free stuff from Patagonia and I wanted to thank him.

He is going to Sri Lanka to prepare them for the next tsunami or something like that, so he called Patagonia out of the blue and asked them to sponsor his trip. They didn’t officially sponsor him, but they did send him a bunch of free stuff. He sent some of that to me, which I am now packing……or will as soon as I finish writing this.

So I was talking to Peter on the phone about this girl I’ve been seeing and he is laughing at me for acting like I’m in college and I am throwing stuff into my dad’s old navy duffel bag thinking of how I am supposed to be an adult. I think some of the stuff I packed is actually dirty. I don’t even know anymore. I am too emotionally spent to worry about something like clothes.

I’m actually still not packed. Instead of finishing I’m writing this post. My eyes hurt and I know that I will feel like shit tomorrow. Actually I do feel a bit more relaxed now. Maybe it was a good idea to write something?

Actually…I take it back. I am not relaxed at all. I am just really tired. I should finish packing before I lose my mind completely and somehow miss my flight tomorrow.

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