I played tennis with the CEO of a Fortune 1000 company today.  He came to the office, as he does every once in a while, to give an update on business, answer questions, etc…sort of a Town Hall meeting.

He was using one of the empty offices near my cube afterwards, and I’d heard he was an avid tennis player, so I stopped by his desk to say hello and ask if he wanted to play.  He’s a fairly funny, engaging guy…fit looking, so I figured he might want to get some exercise.  I didn’t think he’d say yes.

I picked him up at the office after work, and loaned him a racquet.  Luckily my car was fairly clean.

I learned traveling that all people are pretty much the same, so I am not intimidated.  We had a good time.  As expected, he’s a nice guy…two kids just out of college.  I asked him about pretty much everything but work.  I’m sure he’s tired of talking about that.

He asked me about my background, and I talked a little about what I did at Hewitt…not much though.  Even if I were a super star at my job now, it would be 5 to 10 years before I would be even a blip on his radar screen…if I were even interested.

He’s also a pretty good tennis player:  intense, very consistent.  I won the set 6-3.  I was surprised he actually wanted to play.  I do have the wrist injury, so I can’t really play that hard, but he won the points he won.  I didn’t give him anything.  He was competitive but gracious.

Anyway, most days are pretty boring, so when something interesting happens, I thought I would share it.

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