I was reminded today that I have not posted in a year.  Hmm…it seems like my last post was only a few months ago.

I have had another kid in the intervening year, so that has kept me busy to be honest.  The newborn and 2 year old are too much fun, and so I haven’t spent much time writing at a computer (unless it was for work).

Other than things generally being awesome, time is my biggest challenge right now.   I don’t have enough time to meet all my obligations.

Children:  I want to spend time with them, so any free time (or even un-free time) I try to allocate to my kids.

Wife:  Luckily I can kill two birds with one stone here.  When I am with the kids, I am also with my wife.  Not a lot of date nights though.

Friends:  Tough to find time for this.  The only thing that makes me feel any better here is that they ALSO don’t have time.  It isn’t like they are all calling me and I’m having to make excuses why I can’t see them.  They are too busy to call/stop by as well.  It is a reciprocal “I’d love to see you but…”.

Housework:  Uh…we do the best we can.  My wife also works.

“Me” time:  I don’t really have this much anymore; however, I had a lifetime of it in my twenties and can honestly say I don’t like hanging out with myself that much, so I don’t miss it.

Work:   Arghh!!  I’m struggling here.  Unlike with friends, work doesn’t understand that I am busy.  I work in a billable hours industry, which rewards us for more….HOURS. Hours is something I don’t have.  I wonder if consulting (with the travel and long, irregular work hours) is an industry that is built for two income families?  I am unsure I can meet the expectations of the job.  I am unsure I can expect my wife to take care of two kids and work while I am away helping clients with problems that, while important in the context of work, are not nearly as important as my wife and children.  I’m struggling here.

Over the years I have heard many vacant cliches that aren’t all that helpful (e.g. live every day like it is your last, you only live once, speak your mind, follow your passion, etc.), but one that is extremely true and helpful is:  No one ever dies wishing they had spent a few more hours at the office.

Let’s see if I can update again before next year!

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