So the website disappeared for…..I don’t know. A while now. And even before that I had stopped posting.

All the old posts, from 2002 to 2007….still exist of course. I don’t know if I will ever put them back up to be honest.

As for why I stopped posting, why I took the website down….I’ve answered that question personally to a few people. No one else likely cares.

Anyway, its sort of spooky to be able to go back and read part of the inside of someone’s head for 5 years. It cries out to be misinterpreted, and it usually was.

So, since I’ve put the website back up, does that mean I’m starting the whole cycle over again? Maybe, after all….I’m not always that smart. I have better controls now though. I can password protect posts or even whole parts of the website and make people sign in to read. I probably won’t do that, but its an option.

As for the “cool” (in my opinion) chasing eden format/theme… know, the pic, and the colors and all that:


I will slowly rebuild that…maybe. I don’t have as much time to come up with all that jazz anymore. I was unemployed when I built the last site, and the technology has changed a lot since the days of editing html in wordpad.exe.

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